“For us, recycling is a small gesture with a huge impact for the well-being of future generations.”

At UNIBAT we believe that recycling waste is an exemplary and responsible act. A necessary and basic habit in our day-to-day lives, as well as an obligation for our members.

As companies and consumers, we are not always aware of the immense amount of waste that we produce. Sometimes we don’t recycle due to a lack of environmental awareness or ignorance about the harmful effects that the disposal of waste in our environment can have.

Used batteries from appliances or small button cells may contain metals such as mercury, cadmium or lead that are potentially dangerous to health and the environment, and should therefore, once used, be treated appropriately.

The correct treatment for these begins with their proper collection in the locations enabled for this purpose. And the aim of recycling is to recover metals which are harmful to the environment.

Recycling batteries is a simple and very rewarding activity which can be carried out for any number of reasons. Below are 4 powerful reasons to make you aware of the importance of recycling batteries:

1# Energy savings: recycling is synonymous with protecting scarce raw materials and spending less energy in the extraction of natural resources.

2# Fighting against climate change: with lower energy consumption, we generate less CO2 and reduce the greenhouse effect, helping to protect the environment.

3# Health: recycling can help in recovering a healthier and greener environment, and this means less risk to our health and that of future generations.

4# New products and jobs: through recycling, new products are created that generate less pollution during the manufacturing process and jobs are created to manage the recycling process and the correct treatment of waste.

You can check the collection points closest to you so you can start practicing responsible consumption.